BlueWillow Biologics® is developing and enabling a new generation of safe and effective nasal vaccines to protect global populations from respiratory infections, sexually transmitted diseases, and food allergies. Our novel intranasal NanoVax® adjuvant platform activates mucosal immunity, the body’s first line of defense, while also inducing systemic immunity. We are a clinical-stage company advancing a pipeline of proprietary programs including Covid-19, pandemic flu, HSV, RSV, anthrax and peanut allergy.

Vaccine Pipeline

BlueWillow’s intranasal vaccine platform has successfully demonstrated safety and immunogenicity in humans with a seasonal flu vaccine, and IND-enabling safety and efficacy in primary animal models for several other diseases.  A phase 1 clinical trial in Anthrax is ongoing with interim safety and immunogenicity data expected in May 2021.  Clinical trials for an intranasal Covid-19, HSV-2 and pandemic flu vaccine are planned for the near future.

The company has also demonstrated that its adjuvant technology platform shifts the immune response from inflammatory to protective for food allergies, representing a potential cure.   IND-enabling GMP manufacturing and final animal work is being completed for the lead Peanut Allergy program with clinical trials planned for the near future.

Blue Willow's vaccine pipeline