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Our Proprietary Technology Platform

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BlueWillow’s NanoVax® technology platform utilizes a novel oil-in-water nanoemulsion (NE) adjuvant to enable intranasal vaccines for challenging diseases and intranasal immunotherapy (INIT) for food allergies.

About Our NanoVax® NE01 Adjuvant Technology

BlueWillow’s vaccine technology incorporates proprietary oil-in water droplets that are 400–500 nanometers in size to deliver and adjuvant a broad spectrum of vaccines. The NE adjuvant:

  • Has established safety and immunogenicity in human clinical trials and efficacy in primary and relevant animal models
  • Elicits both systemic and mucosal immunity following intranasal vaccination
  • Adjuvants multiple antigen types and enables multi-valent vaccines
  • Stimulates a protective immune response that is Th1 biased
  • Elicits IL17 and IgA for mucosal protection following intranasal administration
  • Has inherent antimicrobial activity.  NE01 inactivates and splits enveloped viruses while preserving epitopes, making it ideal for preparation and formulating split/inactivated viral vaccines

How Do Intranasal NE Vaccines Work?

NE01 adjuvanted vaccines are applied intranasally. As shown in the figure below, the adjuvant efficiently activates innate immunity and attracts antigen-presenting dendritic cells.  Dendritic cells sample the vaccine at the nasal mucosa and carry the antigen to lymph nodes where it is introduced to the immune system.  This path of vaccination results in potent systemic and mucosal immune response.  Intranasal NE vaccines have been shown to be immunogenic, safe and well tolerated in Phase 1 human clinical trials.

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